What makes Dustless Blasting unique?

In one word, Water! We incorporate water into the mix and it completely changes the process in many beneficial ways.
    It’s a heat reducer. Most of the time with traditional sand blasting, friction generates heat which can cause metal panels to warp.
    It eliminates the possibility of sparking. High pressure sand blasting can generate sparking which makes it dangerous to use around flammable gases and live pipes.
    It completely Dustless! The water in the system captures the glass particles and keeps them from flying through the air. In turn you no longer need heavy respirators or spend even more money on building a temporary contained space.

Wouldn’t water on unprotected metal just lead to more rust?

Generally, yes. However, during our process we use a single chemical called HoldTight 102. HoldTight 102 is a rust inhibitor that prevents flash rust by actually cleaning the metal, and keeps rust from occurring for up to 72 hours. It fully removes all salts and other contaminants leaving you with a premium level of cleanliness.

What makes DB better than Sand or Soda blasting?

If you are familiar with sand blasting you are probably also familiar with the problems that are associated with the process. You need a contained space, it warps panels due to heat, protective clothing and respirators are a must. Dustless Blasting eliminates all of these issues as well as prevents flash rust that occurs quickly when sandblasting.

Soda Blasting is a great process and works well for many applications. Soda blasting has one major flaw though. Soda blasting uses sodium bicarbonate (everyday household baking soda) which is an alkaline or base, today’s paint manufacturers use an acid based primer which ensures proper bonding to the surface. An acid and base will not chemically bond and as a result no paint manufacturer will warranty a known soda blasted car.  

Can DB be used to clean large rust scale and greasy deposits?

Absolutely! Rust scale and grease deposits can be eliminated quickly and easily with the dustless blasting system. Using our industrial high pressure air compressor we are able to dial in our system to make sure that we leave your surface rust free and paint ready.

Would DB work to remove graffiti?

Yes Sir! Graffiti removal is an extremely time consuming and costly process. Dustless Blasting offers a great alternative to the usual methods in removing graffiti. Most jobs can be done quickly without any evidence of the graffiti or our process. It can be used on wood, brick, sandstone, marble, and other sensitive surfaces. Perfect for everything from exterior walls to municipal landmarks. Whatever your need, when we are finished we will make it look like it never happened.

Is DB safe for aluminum and fiberglass?

Yes! Dustless Blasting can not only handle projects with large rust scale it can also be the best choice for softer metals and fiberglass. We’ve been able to remove the important anti-fouling paint from the bottom of fiberglass boats without harming the gel coat. We can safely expose blisters in the coating which can then be fixed and ready for paint.

Is DB environmentally friendly?

Yes. Our process uses three elements. We are proud to offer 100% recycled and reusable crushed glass. Water. And when working with metal HoldTight 102. Our process eliminates the need for chemicals, toxic metals, and contains no free silica. CARB* approved, listed on the EPA’s blasting grit guidelines, and QPL approved by the U.S. Military.

How long does the process take?

Please keep in mind every job is unique, and time for each project will vary. Standard jobs like cars, anti-fouling paint from boats (less than 35 feet), and graffiti can be handled in a matter of hours. Most other jobs can be handled in a single day and some large jobs may take 2 or more days.

Can DB cause any damage?

If used correctly by a trained operator, the possibility of Dustless Blasting causing any damage is highly unlikely. Operators are taught to evaluate the surface to be cleaned, as well as the surrounding surfaces carefully. We start every project by blasting a small corner area to make sure that that the pressure is just right. Our operators will always make inquiries to establish whether certain surfaces are suitable for our process before we begin. For some additional peace of mind, we are bonded and insured.