Paint Removal

Top Notch Dustless Blasting offers auto restorers, car enthusiasts and body shops the easiest, safest, and most affordable paint removal solution available.

The only way to properly restore an automobile whether it’s vintage or a piece of nostalgia is to take it all the way down to bare metal. You no longer need to spend countless hours sanding or using dangerous chemicals to get your car or truck down to that point. Dustless Blasting removes it all. Paint, primer, rust and even bondo. You can repair damage or fix short cuts left by previous owners. It’s quick too. You don’t need to wait for weeks to get your vehicle down to bare metal so you can start on body work. This can be done in a matter of hours. Speeding up your restoration project immensely.

Boat Stripping

Everyone wants their boat to look it’s best. No one looks forward to hiring a company to repaint their boat only to find out that just the sanding process could take a week or more. In fact the labor intensive chore could take hundreds of hours depending on the size of the boat and you still run the risk of ruining the hulls gel coat and fiberglass laminate if it’s not done correctly.

Our certified contractors can safely and easily remove up to 500 blisters before you clock out for lunch. . Dustless Blasting is the ideal blasting solution for removing multiple layers of bottom paint and blisters quickly and without damaging non-blistered areas or bare gel coat. We understand that barnacles and heavy marine growth are also issues that plague boat owners. Fortunately for us, these are simple fixes that we are willing to help you with using the exact same system. Our process requires minimum containment and quickly cleans up so paint can move forward. Because Dustless Blasting is so quick and easy compared to traditional and potentially damaging methods of paint stripping, we save you time and money.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti accounts for nearly 35 percent of all property vandalism in the US., according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Graffiti has a significant impact on local communities: it drives down business revenue, damages citizen morale, and lowers property values. Their are many “solutions” out on the market. Most of which just end up leaving the area looking just as bad, if not worse then when they started.

Graffiti clean-up is expensive. San Jose, California spends $3 million a year fighting graffiti vandalism, city officials in Minneapolis, Minnesota fork over about $4 million, while Portland, Oregon spends more then $2 million annually. Studies have shown that quick removal of graffiti is the best deterrent to prevent it from occurring again. This is where we come in. Dustless Blasting makes quick work of you graffiti problems. We can do in a few hours what it would take multiple guys a few days to accomplish. We can eliminate graffiti at a rate of about 1000 sq. ft an hour.